Monday, March 23, 2009

The Perfect Blend: Story and Strategy

“Hey, what are all those wood chips doing on the floor?”

With those words, a great campaign was born.

The March issue of OMMA features a story about a high-end blender manufacturer, Blendtec, that revitalized its sales with engaging videos of its CEO Tom Dickson “attempting to blend the seemingly unblendable.” Seems this hands-on CEO had a habit of personally testing the products and Blendtec’s Director of Marketing and Sales had the foresight to recognize a genuine, engaging story that highlighted their product’s effectiveness. Started with a shoestring budget, the idea morphed into a national tour with major media coverage and millions of hits on YouTube.

The campaign knocks you over the head with the effectiveness of the product and the passion of those who make it without any of the usual boring statements about “Product A’s superiority versus Product B” or the “commitment of our people.”

Healthcare is ripe with heart grabbing stories. What is in your company’s lore? Is there an exceptional sales representative overcoming the odds to get a hospital a lifesaving product or service? How about the extra effort put in by one of the service representatives processing an application for one of your assistance programs that resulted in a consumer receiving a life-changing joint replacement? Or the persistence of someone in R&D who brought a drug to market against the odds?

So along with “what’s the strategy,” how about asking, “what’s the story"?

Read the article here.


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