Sunday, June 28, 2009

Instead of Seeing the Glass Half Empty, Invent a New Kind of Vessel

Tom Friedman has a great piece in today's Op-Ed section of the Sunday New York Times. It's about how, during times of economic crisis such as we're currently going through, necessity truly is the mother of invention.

Tough times force new thinking. And new thinking brings about new products, new industries, and new opportunities. He mentions a number of success stories spawned by challenging times of the past. Microsoft was one example.

Seeing opportunity in tough times is what brought Dorothy and me to create Extrovertic. Dorothy has always been a change agent, I've always been open to change, and the Great Recession has given us license to put some of our theories to work. Businesses are desperate to hear new ideas that can provide them with more bang for their buck these days and our passion is devising new ways to give them that and more.

Challenging times can be scary. But when you're using them as motivation to do bigger, better things, challenging times are really just... well, challenging.


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