Friday, July 24, 2009

Communing With God in 140 Characters or Less

Holy Twit!

While the debate rages here on Earth about whether or not top executives should use Twitter, it appears that the CEO of the Universe has opened an account of his own.

According to the BBC, Jews from all over the world are now sending prayers in the form of tweets to a gentleman in Jerusalem, who prints them out and places them in the Wailing Wall, with all of the more traditionally planted ones.

(In Jewish tradition, prayers hand-written on scraps of paper are stuffed into the little nooks between the 2,000 year-old stones that make up Judaism's holiest prayer site.)

Aron Nil says he got the idea for the service after seeing what a powerful tool Twitter was in helping the Iranian people share their recent post-election turmoil with the rest of the world.

He started only three weeks ago, and already he's overwhelmed by the number of tweets he has received. More than 1,000 are still waiting to be read. "I'm swamped. I can't keep up with all the tweets," he told the Associated Press.

And some people say Twitter doesn't have a prayer.


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  1. Thank you for posting this interesting piece. Readers please note: Judaism's holiest site is not and has never been the Western Wall, but that which lies behind it: The Temple Mount - currently under the control of the Muslims. The Wall is merely the closest approach we can make at present to the holy Mountain of God since the Arabs will not let Jews pray inside. Two holy temples stood there and the Third and final is soon to be rebuilt on that spot. Prayers to be inserted in the Wall have been arrigin in Jerusalem in the form of faxes and emails for decades.