Friday, August 14, 2009

Reinvent Health Care? ReInvent How You Talk About It

While it remains to be seen if the Obama administration can really change health insurance, it certainly is changing the way the White House presents policies to the public. Hillary believed it takes a village. Barack believes it takes a brilliantly orchestrated social media program. And he's putting one out now, the likes of which has never been seen before.

Well, since the election, anyway.

To combat the bombastic rhetoric of the opposition, with its dire warnings of death panels, rationing and impending socialism, the White House has hit the Worldwide Web hard. It launched a site, Health Insurance Reform Reality Check which features video testimonials by experts and advisers who directly addresses each accusation. And it sent links to the site to a few hundred thousand fans on Facebook and Tweeted it to a couple of million more.

The site itself is nicely designed; very clean and simple. Unfortunately, the over 700 page bill it supports is not.

Which is why the President needs all of the advocates he can muster.


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