Monday, July 5, 2010

Twitter Synchronicity

Last month, I experienced a moment of what I call "Twitter Synchronicity" – one of those rare times when the uniqueness or sheer scale of an event can not fully be captured and appreciated were it not for the existence of Twitter. 

(The previous time I came close to such an experience was when my wife and I were awakened by an earthquake in Italy.)

This time it was on June 11, and as I was checking my Twitter feed, I came across a tweet from someone dining at an outdoor cafe on Lafayette Street in Manhattan. Just as he was about to put a spoonful of gazpacho in his mouth, a huge horde of naked bicyclists rode by, shouting, in unison, "More ass, less gas!"

The gazpacho-sipping gentleman reporting this occurrence seemed so caught off guard, I only hope that his dinner partner was not wearing white.

Amused by this scene, and curious to see if anyone else had witnessed the same thing, I entered "naked bikers" into the window on the Twitter Search page.

I seriously did not expect to find what I found:

Seems that day was World Naked Bike Ride Day, an annual event to protest car emissions that takes place all over the globe. This year's ride took on even more significance because of the BP oil leak in the gulf.

Similar tweets (with plenty of photographic evidence) were pouring in from everywhere: Sidney, London, Boston, San Francisco, Toronto, Moscow, you name it. If a city had roads, it had naked bicyclists riding on them. 

This was my most recent experience with Twitter Synchronicity.

I'd love to hear yours.


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  1. I love it! And not for the nude 'free expression', but the unifying formula of 'syncronicity' marketing folks, we toss around synergy, strategy, engagement in conversations and powerpoints. But its value to the brand and to the community, is only as good as its power to activate.