Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dodge Ball A La extrovertic [Part 1 of 2]

Everything we do, we do the extrovertic way—insightful strategy and nimble execution. But our approach isn’t limited to our clients: it extends to our dodge ball team (uniform pictured above).

Like every account we have, we take dodge ball seriously. After debilitating losses in the first 2 weeks, we made changes. We asked ourselves what was and wasn’t working. 

To prepare for our weekly matches, we Sextroverts take part in strategy sessions that recap the previous week’s matches as well as develop our ongoing strategies. We’re even using specific plays and tactics derived from Sun Tzu.

The result? We have moved from last to fourth place (out of 9 teams).

Encouraging. But the question remains—will our strategic insights about dodge ball garner the same success as our strategic insights about healthcare marketing?

As we approach the league playoffs, we’re keeping our strategy and tactics under wraps. However, as we progress deeper into the season, we’ll share some more methods to our madness (in part 2). Until then, feel free to check out our spiritual leader.

-Captain Thomas 

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  1. Fear the Sextroverts! Legal, Legal, Legal!