Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not Religious, But Not Atone Deaf

I'm not the most observant Jew.

But for one day a year – Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement – even the least religious Jews find some semblance of religion.

Or at least, self-reflection.

Which is why I thought I'd use today to atone for some social media marketing transgressions over the past year. (Fiscal year 5770, for anyone counting):

• I didn't even try opening a Four Square account. Sorry, but it still just doesn't seem kosher to me

• I didn't use Twitter more than once or twice a week. ("You never call, you never Tweet...")

• I have not yet posted a picture to a Flickr account

• My FaceBook and LinkedIn accounts each seem to have reached critical mass. I think everyone I've ever known who wants to be listed on them is on them already. The additions now come in few and far between

But beyond that, 5770 was a very good year for us all at Extrovertic. A year of remarkable growth and change.

We look forward to even better things in 5771.


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  1. Self-reflection in all areas is good.
    Yes, may this next year bring even better things...

  2. L'shanah Tova...
    Hope that I got that right!