Thursday, March 1, 2012

Personifying extrovertic

How is something designed? Just looking at the slender contour of a brand-new BMW as it rolls past or at the façades of some New York City architecture clearly shows that the minds behind these designs didn’t pull their ideas out of thin air. The designers at BMW know they create symbols of power, so their cars look muscular and intimidating. TBS, a network that boasts the slogan “very funny,” recently introduced a bouncing, energetic logo whose rounded edges form a smile. This tactic gives the network a personality more consistent with their evening lineups. There’s always a reason why products and brands look the way they do.

Here at extrovertic, we approached our recent agency redesign in the same spirit. We asked ourselves, ‘Who are we? What do we stand for? And how does that translate into the work we do?’ Taking a structured approach to generating ideas, we sought out inspiration from near and far, including a visit to the Daphne Guinness exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Our conclusion? extroverts are a tribe of marketing junkies on a mission: creating new ways to engage people in their own health. High-energy thinking, inspired action, and multidimensional capabilities are the norm. extrovertic is the antithesis of stagnant.

Having defined our identity, the next step was to come up with a new logo that reflected it. Our ‘e’ is rounded and nimble in its curvature. Its offset red outline pops, pushing the logo’s dimensionality and communicating the deep and wide experience of our extroverts. On the upper left, three ‘thought bolts’ sprout from the letter e, representing our passion for ideas that move our clients’ business, ease the job of the busy healthcare provider, and improve the lives of our patients. We chose a color palette that is warm to balance out the playfulness and flexibility of the logo, making it clear that we are in the serious business of healthcare. Collectively, these organic elements come together to form a logo that feels like and emotes our personality.

When choosing the color palette for our logo, we utilized our analog process. We came across the work of photographer Mark Laita, who had previously shot a beautiful series of exotic snakes. Thinking that the best way to find a color combination that worked naturally was to find one that occurred naturally, we looked at all the snakes until it was decided that the rhinoceros viper had the look we wanted. You can see the reds, yellows, and browns of the snake mimicked in our logo.

As extroverts, the most important part of this process was making sure that we established a brand and a logo that are true reflections of our personality. So when tasked with the assignment to rebrand extrovertic, we drew from our best natural resources—our collective interests and our proven analog process. The resulting design truly encompasses what extrovertic is about and highlights our unique capabilities.

What does your company’s logo say about you?

-Tom and Nathan

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  1. Next time I see one, I'll be sure to thank a rhinoceros viper for the lovely color combination we appropriated. Thanks, Nathan, for being attuned to recognize its beauty.