Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Giving Back to Our 4-legged extroverts

Inspired by our work with Pfizer Animal Health, extrovertic made the decision last year to get involved with Take Your Dog to Work Day 2011.

Following the success of that event, we continue to invite dogs to our agency on a regular basis. We find their smiling (and sometimes drooling) faces are a very welcome presence in the office.

Most recently, Sally, one of our frequent furry visitors, was named the poster dog for Take Your Dog to Work Day 2012!

The benefits of having Man’s Best Friend visit the workplace have been well documented. We notice extrovertic pooches promote a positive atmosphere at the agency. Clients agree, telling us during meetings which Sally has attended that it’s “such a nice idea!”

Recent reporting has specifically covered how we at extrovertic have expanded our dogs-in-the-workplace program:

Extrovertic is expecting a strong media presence at this year’s Take Your Dog to Work Day, and will again be supporting Bideawee with our efforts. If you wish to help us help this outstanding organization, please reach out to: 
Kelley Vos Burgh

As a rescue dog herself, Sally is grateful for any support you can lend to animals in need of a home.

- Jared

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