Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Introducing Help with 2013 Planning

While summer is the vacation season for most people, for healthcare marketers around the world it means the start of planning season.

So while friends and family may be:
                         • carrying a paperback beach novel, you’re lugging PowerPoint
                           presentations in your overflowing beach bag
                         • heading to pool parties, you're diving into decks of data and
                           financial forecasts
                         • thinking about where to splurge on a summer weekend escapeyou're
                           wondering about new creative ways to do more with less

Extrovertic can lighten your load.

This summer, we’re devoting these Wednesday posts to sharing crisp, juicy ways to give you food for thought about your business. We’ll be serving up different perspectives gathered from our Extro-Analog process, which is where we:
                         • explore non-pharma solutions and strategically apply them to the realities
                           of pharma marketing
                         • strip down the problem to its bare essentials
                         • search outside of healthcare for companies or brands that've faced similar

And we never know where inspiration can strike.

For example, we came up with a new way for a client to help patients by studying addiction counseling. We even developed an idea for a new video series based on the Heidi Klum Summer Run. We’ve found that the further out you go, the better the ideas.

So this summer we’ll offer up refreshing pitchers of ideas that’re focused on:
                         • strategies
                         • tactics
                         • measurements

These will include short- and long-term thought starters for your consideration.

Sometimes there are ideas that can be directly applied, while other times these out-of-industry examples provide the root of a new idea that can be harvested or further cultivated. We’ll also point out particularly interesting examples from around our industry.

So, starting tomorrow (June 20th), check out our Intro to Extro blog. Then, every Wednesday for the next 14 weeks, you’ll see some bright, sunny ways to approach your 2013 marketing plan. We hope you find them useful and thought provoking. Either way, we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for letting us share.

Tomorrow’s blog can help you answer the question, “What are we doing with our website next year?”

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