Monday, June 4, 2012

The more cars I restore, the better Creative I become.

At extrovertic, we embrace an analog method of developing new ideas. We look outside the old tool box of the traditional, expected pharma world for business communication solutions and tactics from any industry, and it seems that my car hobby is a nicely tuned analog.

Taking a rickety heap from an idea to a coveted cruiser involves 3 things:
• a perspective on the collector-car market
• a vision of completion
• a plan and method for getting the job done

Huh. Those sound a lot like:
• research
• strategy
• concepting and execution

And those are a lot like what I do in my day job.

There is also a shared goal to both restoration and communication: to create an emotional connection. When there’s an emotional connection, you know you’ve motivated somebody. This motivation might be creating an interest to buy the car or, in pharma, it might be getting a person to ask their doctor about a certain treatment.

Another common component is function. A beautiful car that does not function is just paint on steel, and a beautiful printed piece that does not motivate is just ink on paper or code online. See? I knew there was a reason that both automobiles  and communication materials are referred to as vehicles.

So, moving forward, I’ll continue to hop up vis aids and refine roadsters knowing that one process very often benefits the other.


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